Why Wrap Foil Around Door Knob?

Aluminium foil is not just about wrapping up your leftover food or packing your food to keep it hot and warm. But there are some genius uses of aluminium foil, and one of them is wrapping it around the door knob.

Many people think that is why would we wrap aluminum foil around door knob, but they don’t know that it can protect them from thieves. It is one of the most common ways that some people recommend on the internet to keep your home safe and secure.

However, others say that this way, thieves or burglars will know that no one is inside and they are definitely gonna rob you. But what is actually true? Why should you wrap foil around the doorknob? Are there any benefits of wrapping aluminium foil around the doorknob? Or is it just a myth? Let’s find out!

Benefits of Wrapping Foil Around Door Knob

1. Foil on the doorknob for safety when you are home alone

The first benefit of wrapping foil around the door knob is that it protects you from thieves. Choosing the right wrapping method for yourself is essential if you live alone and do not have anyone to do your work for you.

On top of the aluminium foil wrap, you can pour some vaseline which makes it difficult for the thieve to move the doorknob.

Now some people believe that if they cover the door knob with foil, the invader will know that no one is home, and the thief might try to open the door and get inside the house.

Moreover, some people suggest that installing CCTV cameras and other security devices is better than wrapping a foil around the doorknob. Well, that is completely true, but wrapping foil around the doorknob is ideal for those who can’t afford CCTV cameras, etc.

2. Identify Mysterious Activity

Wrapping the door knob in aluminium foil not only makes it more secure but also makes it easier to spot any suspicious activity. You may make your home more secure with as little effort as possible by wrapping the door knob in aluminium foil.

When a burglar breaks into your home at night, you will realize in the morning that the aluminium foil has been torn or damaged. This is evidence that someone has broken into your home, and you should be very cautious and vigilant about it.

3. Protect the Door Knob Before Painting

As you paint your home, there are likely to be various areas that you did not intend to be painted. However, because you did not cover these areas, it is probable that they will get painted as well.

The same thing is true for the painting of the door. When you are painting your door, you should avoid polishing or painting the door knob because it will make the knob stand out more. However, if you do not cover the door knob with aluminium foil, it will unintentionally become painted.

Wrapping the doorknob and door knobs in aluminium foil is one way to prevent this from happening in the first place. We are all aware of how pricey door accessories such as door knobs and door handles can be, so this is an essential point.

In the event that you do not have any aluminium foil, you should not use paper; rather, you should use tape. However, it is important to keep in mind that the handle may be left with a sticky residue after using tape. On the flip side, aluminium foil is simple to remove from the door, and its removal does not leave any residue behind.

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4. Stop Someone Peeping Into Your House

If you believe that someone is peeping into your house and keeping an eye on you. The first and most important step you would probably take is to close all the doors and shut down all the windows. But most probably, you will forget to block the peephole in the doors.

Here come the aluminium foils that help you in blocking those peepholes. You should not use tape to block the peepholes can they leave a residue that will block the vision later on when you remove the tape, so it is best to use aluminium foil.

How to Wrap Foil Around the Door Knob?

Applying the wrapping foil around the door knob is the most simple thing you would do. You can cut a piece of aluminium foil which should fit the doorknob, and then you can wrap the aluminium foil around the doorknob. That’s it.

Use a Rubber Band Instead

Apart from aluminium foil, you can also use a rubber band on the doorknob for your safety, especially when you are home alone. If you are a kid/teen and your parents are not at home, you can use this method to keep yourself safe from burglars.

While daytime is a safe time, you can use the rubber band safety method at night. To start off, you need to have a simple rubber band. Use the rubber band and attach it to both sides of your doorknob in a twister way.

The rubber band will become a blockade between the knob and the door frame, which will also prevent any interference with the door latch.

This trick can come in really handy if you have a loose door that makes a weird noise when there is the wind blowing or during the nighttime, as it can keep the door tight in its place.

Moreover, it can be handy when both your hands are busy with some luggage or stuff, and you need someone to open the door. You can use your leg toe to open the door.

However, you must not use this method on the main door of your house as doing so will keep the door open all the time, which could make it easy for the bugler to enter the house.

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Rubber Band on Door: What to Do?

If you find that there is a rubber band on your home’s main door, it is a potential sign that someone is trying to enter your house. In such cases, be alert and careful. You can also call your neighbours if you find any other suspicious activity, and it is best to call the police.

There are a lot of similar incidents in which buglers or kidnappers try to knock on the door, and when you open the door, there will be a parcel at your doorstep along with the rubber band fastened at your house doorknob. If you open the door, you are likely to get robbed or kidnapped.

We are not making you afraid but keeping your awareness of common incidents. So, next time when someone knocks on your door and you notice a rubber band at the doorknob, don’t open the door. Instead, call the police for help.

How Does the Rubberband Work on the Door?

The rubber band that you fastened to the doorknob causes it to latch open when you open the door, and the rubber band prevents it from locking. Since you won’t be able to lock the door, it will now be incredibly simple for the thief to enter.


So, there is everything to know about “Why Wrap foil around door knob?” Hopefully, you will now be able to keep your home safe and secure from burglars. These methods are especially useful when you don’t have the budget to install expensive security devices and security cameras.

These security methods will keep you alert and alarmed. Moreover, you can keep your doorknobs clean and tidy when painting the door. On top of that, you can use the rubber band method for additional security and safety. However, ensure not to use this method on the main door of the house.

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