What Type of Water Should I Use in a Humidifier? [Full INFO]

If you have a humidifier, you will eventually wonder what type of water to use in a humidifier. How do you solve this problem? What are the possible questions that can arise from using the wrong type of water?

What Type of Water Should I Use in a Humidifier?

To answer all these questions, have a look at this article. Here we will be addressing all types of queries about water types for humidifiers. Further, we will be sharing some tips to get the best mist out of your humidifier.

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Tap Water

Tap water is the most common and readily available water source to use in a humidifier. It’s usually the cheapest or free. You get perfectly adequate results. It is fairly easy to locate, as most people have a readily available supply of tap water.

However, since tap water contains minerals that can seep into your humidifier and create white dust, some manufacturers advise against using it. 

Tap water contains all the impurities of the land around, which makes it one of the worst options for your humidifier. If you use hard water, it can leave behind mineral deposits and damage the unit over time. And, if you live in an area that uses fluoridated water, that fluoride can damage the heating elements of both cool and warm mist humidifiers.

In short, tap water is not recommended for your humidifier. It reduces the quality of air as well as the life of your humidifier. However, if you still want to use the tap water, you should use a demineralization cartridge. It will remove the minerals from tap water and keep your humidifier clean and safe from white dust.

Distilled or Purified Water

The best water for humidifiers is almost always distilled or demineralized water. Tap and well water produce mineral build-up (white dust) in your humidifier, which is hard to clean and can be inhaled into the lungs.

This causes respiratory symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and even pneumonia. Distilled water virtually guarantees there will be no white dust because it has zero minerals in it.

Distilled water is your best choice for your humidifier. Not only will it keep your humidifier in the best condition, but it also keeps you and your family healthy in winter.

For your humidifier, the cleaning process will be much easier if you use distilled water. Hard water also contains minerals that can leave behind lime residue. This dark crust is difficult to avoid, as well as clean up.

Boiled Water

Boiled water is a pure source of water and steam that can be used in a warm mist humidifier safely. It is often the type of water recommended by the manufacturer of the humidifier because it prevents scale and other mineral deposits from accumulating inside the humidifier and will lead to less cleaning maintenance as well as keeping your humidifier working more efficiently.

If you want to use boiled water for your humidifier, make sure you let it cool down completely before filling the humidifier tank.

Although boiling water will kill any bacteria, it won’t remove the minerals. Boiling your water may risk damaging some components in your machine. So make sure to check the manufacturer’s manual before using boiled water in your humidifier.

Bottled Water

Using bottled water is not an ideal option either. While bottled water is clean and filtered, it contains dissolved minerals. As we know, natural or spring water contains a lot of contaminants. It is not completely pure or safe for your humidifier. 

However, bottled water is the only best option you have after distilled or purified water. Bottled water won’t have an immediate effect on your humidifier, and it can be used as an alternative option to distilled water.

Moreover, if your home has particularly hard or soft water or you’re worried about pollutants in your tap water, bottled water may be the way to go.

Cold or Hot Water

Using tap water may add to the mineral build-up and shorten the life of your unit. To prevent this and produce better output, consider using distilled water or polar pure water solution that you can buy in stores.

If you own a warm mist humidifier, you can use cold water. Because the device will boil and heat the water itself before releasing it into the air, warm water could cause some parts of the humidifier to overheat.

Which is the Best Water for Humidifier?

Standard tap water is full of minerals that collect in the reservoir, which over time leads to white dust or sludge. To avoid this, you can use distilled water—basically, mineral balance.

Distilled water is the best water for humidifiers. The goal of a humidifier is to increase moisture in the air, so why add chemicals and minerals to the mixture? Add distilled water, which allows your humidifier to do its job while keeping your home allergen-free. Stay away from tap water as it can lead to build-up in your humidifier.

Why should you use distilled water in a humidifier?

As discussed above, distilled water is preferable for a humidifier because of some reasons:

  • Distilled water protects your humidifier from blockage or clogs. The distilled water keeps your humidifier clean as it removes the dissolved solids. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain sodium, magnesium, and calcium, which makes it the best water for your humidifier.
  • No mold growth in a humidifier: Distilled water does not contain any hard minerals or substances which prevent it from being molded under the humidifier. Distilled water eliminates the risk of forming mold inside the humidifier and makes it last longer.
  • Better Air Quality: Distilled water does protect not only your humidifier but also improves the quality of air that you will inhale in your house. Distilled water does not contain dissolved minerals, so there is no risk of dust present in the humidifier.

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