Top 4 Small Dehumidifier for Grow Tent in 2024 [Full Guide]

If you’ve been in the indoor gardening community for any length of time, then you would know that it is very difficult to protect plants from mold and mildew.

However, there is a wide range of devices on the market that promise to keep the mold and mildew away from our grow tents, and one of them is a dehumidifier.

Below, we have reviewed the top 4 small dehumidifiers for grow tents. And to help you out, we have prepared a comprehensive buying guide. Have a quick look!

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How does a dehumidifier work in a grow tent?

A dehumidifier is a device that removes moisture from the air. In a grow tent, the dehumidifier will help prevent mold from forming in your grow bags and other parts of the tent.

The process of removing moisture is called desiccation, and it happens naturally when water evaporates into the air. When you use a dehumidifier in your grow tent, it simply prevents any of that natural desiccation from happening.

As humidity levels in your tent rising and fall during the day, so does your dehumidifier’s ability to remove moisture from the air.

Benefits of Using Dehumidifier in a Grow Tent

Dehumidifiers can be a great addition to your grow tent. They can help to keep your plants healthy and happy by removing excess moisture from the air inside the tent, which can cause mold, mildew, and other issues with your plants.

Dehumidifiers are also helpful for growing indoors because they can reduce the risk of mold growth. Here are a few benefits of using a Dehumidifier in a Grow Tent.

  1. Preventing Mold: Mold is a common problem for any grower, whether you’re using a large full-size greenhouse or a small personal hydroponic setup. A dehumidifier will keep your grow space from reaching dangerous levels of humidity, which will help keep mold at bay.
  2. Reducing Plant Stress: While there are other reasons to use a dehumidifier, one of the best benefits is reducing plant stress caused by high humidity levels. If you have a plant that’s particularly sensitive to changes in temperature or light, it may benefit from being kept at lower temperatures and lit lights during warm months.
  3. Helping you protect your grow: Mold can cause problems for any grower, and keeping your humidity low will help prevent it from spreading.
  4. Regulating the temperature: The best thing a dehumidifier will do in a grow tent is regulate the temperature to the right level, which helps in eliminating the need for man-made heating or cooling, and can save you money.
  5. Improving the Life of Plant: On top of everything else, a dehumidifier will improve the overall lifespan of your plants as it can prevent the plants from getting soggy roots due to high moisture levels.

Choosing the Right Dehumidifier for Grow Tent


Dehumidifier sizes range from small to large. From 12 gallons to 40 gallons per day, dehumidifiers are available in many different sizes and styles. Some dehumidifiers have tanks that sit on top of the unit, and some have tanks that hang from the sides.

There are also floor-standing models, wall-mounted models, and portable models. For small 4×4 tents, a small dehumidifier of up to 8 gallons is more than enough.

Power Consumption

The power consumption of a dehumidifier depends on the size and type. For example, if you have a small grow tent that is 200 sq. ft., it may use less than a hundred watts of electricity. However, if you have a larger space, it may consume more than one thousand watts of electricity.

Tank Capacity

A dehumidifier’s tank size is the capacity of water it can hold. The bigger the tank, the better. The amount of water that you need to store depends on your climate and how much moisture the grow tent has to absorb.

The more moisture in a grow tent, the more often you’ll have to use this machine. For a 4 x 4 grow tent, a dehumidifier with 1500 to 2500 ml is more than sufficient.


Given that the majority of us have financial constraints, finding the ideal dehumidifier for grow tent within budget is crucial.

Depending on the size, capacity, and features of the dehumidifier, the price may vary significantly. Dehumidifiers for a 4 × 4 grow tent start at $60 and can go as high as you like. A high-end dehumidifier that will do the job can be purchased for under $100.

Ease of Use

The dehumidifier should have easy-to-use controls. You should be able to operate it without any difficulties, but it should not have limited functions. If it has a display, the text should be easy to read, and the controls should be easy to understand to operate the dehumidifier.


Last but not least, you have to look up the special features of a dehumidifier. The more the feature, the better it will be. First, if the dehumidifier has a removable tank, it would be very easy for you to clean and fill up the tank.

Second, the dehumidifier should be quiet, efficient, and portable. Next, if it has a washable filter, then it is the icing on the cake. On top of that, dehumidifiers with timers and multiple power levels are considered better than those with standard settings.

1. Vremi Dehumidifier for Grow Tent

Small Dehumidifier for Grow Tent

The Vremi dehumidifier is the solution if you want to get the moisture out of your grow tent quickly. It is an energy-efficient way to remove moisture from grow tents, moderate spaces, and basements.

The Vremi dehumidifier has an Energy Star rating, which will have you using less electricity over time when compared to similar-sized electric appliances.

Moreover, it has a compact size means that it’s portable enough to move around your house easily without being too bulky while still being powerful enough to remove excess water in anywhere up to 1,500 square feet of space.


  • Color Options: White
  • Capacity: 22 Pints
  • Weight: 33.1 Pounds
  • Coverage Area: 1500 Sq ft
  • Upper Temperature: 95°F
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Auto Defrost


  • Multiple control levels
  • Easy maintenance
  • Memory feature
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Slight noisy

2. Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier

Small Dehumidifier for Grow Tent

The Pro Breeze small dehumidifier is perfect for use in your grow tent, home, or office to prevent and remove moisture from the air. This dehumidifier will help keep humidity to a minimum which helps create a healthy indoor environment that can impact your overall well-being.

This dehumidifier can remove moisture from a 250 sq ft area with ease. Moreover, it is easy to transport as it only weighs around 5.09 pounds in size.

On top of that, the humidifier has an auto-shut-off feature along with a LED notification light to notify you about the empty tank. The best part about the Mini Pro Breeze dehumidifier is that it can remove up to 18 ounces of moisture per day.


  • Color Options: White
  • Capacity: 3.3 Pounds
  • Weight: 5.09 Pounds
  • Coverage Area: 250 Sq ft
  • Upper Temperature: 30°F
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Auto Shut Off


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Easy cleaning


  • Produces little noise

3.VIVOSUN Small Space Dehumidifier

Small Dehumidifier for Grow Tent

The VIVOSUN small space mini dehumidifier for grow tent closets, bathroom, and the basement is designed mainly for domestic use.

It produces a low level of pollution, good at removing dampness, but can not remove harmful gases. It features a strong filtration performance to separate the minute dust particles. It’s very easy to clean and store.


  • Color Options: White
  • Capacity: 400 ml
  • Weight: 4.33 Pounds
  • Coverage Area: 270 Sq ft
  • Wattage: 48 watts
  • Energy efficient


  • Lightweight design
  • Quiet operation
  • Suitable for grow tents
  • Sleep mode


  • Very small size

4. SEAVON Dehumidifier for Grow Tent

Small Dehumidifier for Grow Tent

The Seavon Dehumidifier is designed to dampen the moisture in the air to prevent mold and mildew from growing in your grow tents.

The powerful motor can handle humidity levels as high as 30% and dries up to 1500 ml in just over 24 hours. It can be run continuously, keeping small spaces like the bathroom dry and comfortable.

The best part about the Seavon dehumidifier is that it is highly energy efficient and also comes with auto-shut-off functionality. Moreover, if you want something that is very quiet to operate, the Seavon dehumidifier is for you.


  • Color Options: White
  • Capacity: 1.1 Pounds
  • Weight: 4.1 Pounds
  • Coverage Area: 250 Sq ft
  • Upper Temperature: 30°F
  • Wattage: 60 Watts
  • Auto Shut Off


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Suitable for grow tents and bathrooms


  • Loud operation

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Best Way to Keep Plants Healthy and Hydrated in a Grow Tent?

The conventional water wicking technique should be used to maintain your plants healthily and hydrated. Establish a drip system. Use a Dehumidifier and regularly give them a bath.

Does the dehumidifier require maintenance?

Yes, they do require maintenance. You will need to clean and empty the tank regularly. Also, you need to keep the coils clean and vacuum out the dirt from the main unit.

How many years will a dehumidifier last?

Depending upon the quality of the dehumidifier, it will last for 5 to 10 years. To maximize the life of the dehumidifier, make sure to clean it regularly.


So far, you have a good idea of what a small dehumidifier for grow tent is and the factors you should consider when buying a dehumidifier. Hopefully, you will be able to choose the best dehumidifier for grow tents from our list of top 4.

If you’re still unsure about your decision, go ahead and pick the Vremi dehumidifier—you can’t go wrong with it. It includes every high-end function you could possibly want in a dehumidifier. Additionally, it is quite reasonably priced, and you won’t regret purchasing it.

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