Best Place to Put Dehumidifier in 2 Story House

Wondering how to achieve ultimate comfort in every room of your two-story house with the perfect dehumidifier placement? Here’s your complete guide to a dehumidifier placement in 2 story house.


Ideally, the best place to put dehumidifier in 2 story house is the room that is the most humid in the house. If you have a 2-story house, then you need to place the dehumidifier on the highest floor and close to stairs, which will effectively dehumidify your 2-story house.

Which is the Ideal Room To Place A Dehumidifier?

The ideal room to place a dehumidifier can vary depending on the house type and other factors. However, typically you should place a dehumidifier in your house’s most humid room. 

If you are wondering how to check the humidity of a room. In that case, devices are available in the market, like a hygrometer, that help you check the humidifier of different areas of your house.

You need to check different spots in your house for the ideal dehumidifier placement. Make sure to check the basement, laundry area, and upstairs as these areas are prone to high humidity. 

However, you also need to consider placing the dehumidifier in an area where it is close to your room and where you stay the most. For instance, if you spend most of your time in the bedroom, then keep the dehumidifier near the bedroom. 

Apart from that, also try to find a central spot in your house where the dehumidifier can have adequate ventilation so it doesn’t run into problems. 

Even though the ventilation is important, you also need to ensure to keep the doors and windows closed, as it can impact the dehumidifier and cause excessive humidity. In such cases, you need to invest in a whole-house dehumidifier.

Whole-house dehumidifiers can be installed in the HVAC system of your house and effectively dehumidify the whole house.

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Upstairs or Downstairs: Where to Put A Dehumidifier?

If you are confused about whether you should put the dehumidifier downstairs or upstairs, then we would suggest you put it upstairs. This is due to the fact that most of the humid air goes up, most likely upstairs.

In comparison to the first or ground floor, the second floor of your home will be much more humid, so it is ideal for placing a dehumidifier upstairs as it can dehumidify both floors. 

In addition, some houses are built in such a way that a single dehumidifier cannot dehumidify two floors. In this instance, two dehumidifiers will be required to completely dehumidify the house. If you wish to move the dehumidifier frequently, you may consider purchasing a portable dehumidifier.

Should You Put Dehumidifier In An Elevated Place?

No, it is not recommended to place your dehumidifier in an elevated place. 

If your dehumidifier manufacturer recommends elevating the dehumidifier, you can do so, but not until recommended by the brand.

Instead, it is ideal for placing the dehumidifier in the center of your home for optimum results. However, if you don’t find an appropriate center location for dehumidifier placement, you can elevate the dehumidifier.

Is It Ideal to Put A Dehumidifier Close to Furnace?

Yes, you can place the dehumidifier close to the furnace.

When you place the dehumidifier close to the furnace, the dehumidifier works more effectively as it can quickly dry out the room with a mixture of heat. 

However, you should also note that this way, it may also damage your furniture, wooden walls, or even wooden flooring over a period of time.

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Can You Sleep In A Room With Dehumidifier?

Yes, you can sleep in a room with a dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier will keep the odors and high humidity away, which will eventually get you comfort and, ultimately, a better sleep.

However, you should only use an automatic dehumidifier as it can shut down when the humidity levels are optimum. 

Placing a Dehumidifier in Bedroom

If you are willing to place the dehumidifier in your bedroom, then make sure to place it where the humidity is. While most users prefer to place a dehumidifier in the corner of the room, you should place the dehumidifier in the center location of the room for best results.

Moreover, while the dehumidifier is operational, keep the door and windows closed. But ensure that the dehumidifier has enough space for ventilation, or else it may overheat.

Placing A Dehumidifier in A Living Room

Position your dehumidifier in the middle of your living room. Place it near the front door if your living room is connected to the front door of your home. 

Keep the door closed for best results, and set the humidifier on the side of the door where it will not cause any disruption while opening and closing the door.

Placing A Dehumidifier in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are also likely to catch and produce most of the humidity in our households. This is due to the fact that we take hot water showers that produces a warm mist and lead to humidity. 

So, you can place the dehumidifier in the bathroom. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the dehumidifier should have proper ventilation support. Otherwise, it won’t work effectively.

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Placing A Dehumidifier in Kitchen

Kitchens are prone to high humidity levels due to the dish we cook inside. You need to place the dehumidifier where the most humidity is present. 

In most cases, you can place it near your kitchen sink. Further, if your kitchen cabinets are prone to moisture, you can place the dehumidifier near the cabinets. 

How to Place A Dehumidifier in A 2-Story House?

To place a dehumidifier in a 2-story house, you need to look for a place that has the most humidity, and the dehumidifier can effectively dehumidify both floors. 

Humidity has a behavior of rising up, and it is most likely to be found near the upstairs and mostly on the second floor. 

So the ideal place to put a dehumidifier in a 2-story house would be close to upstairs. However, if you are unable to keep it upstairs, you can place it in the center location of your house.

How to Place A Dehumidifier in 3 Story House?

Similar to a 2-story house, you can place the dehumidifier in a 3-story house near the upstairs. You can place the dehumidifier on the 3rd floor, near the upstairs. 

However, in a 3-story house, a normal dehumidifier won’t work effectively, so you might need to invest in 2 dehumidifiers for the second and third floors.

Do You Need 2 Dehumidifiers for Your House?

Deciding how many dehumidifiers to install in a 2-story house can be a challenging task. While some homeowners believe that they need two dehumidifiers to cover both floors, this is not always the case. Before making a decision, it is important to take into account three key factors.

The Capacity of the Dehumidifier

If you want to cover more than one or two rooms with a dehumidifier, then you need to consider investing in a dehumidifier that has at least a 30-pint capacity.
A dehumidifier with a 30-pint capacity can cover up to 500 square feet of area.
Moreover, a dehumidifier with a 50-pint capacity can handle a room of up to 700 square feet. Similarly, if you want to cover a large area of about 1000 square feet, consider investing in a 70-pint dehumidifier model.

Humidifier Placement

Humidifier placement is the most important factor if you want to use one single device for your 2 story building. If you want to dehumidify two rooms, each with 250 square feet area, you need to invest in a 500 square feet dehumidifier model.
However, if there are obstructions, you need to invest in a dehumidifier that has a higher capacity.

Energy Efficient

Opting for a single, energy-efficient dehumidifier can be a better choice than purchasing two separate, inefficient units. 

With an energy-efficient dehumidifier, you can benefit from using up to 15% less energy compared to a standard dehumidifier. This not only saves you money on energy bills but also reduces your carbon footprint and helps protect the environment.

What Are the Ideal Dehumidification Settings for a Dehumidifier?

The ideal or recommended settings for a dehumidifier depend on various factors. For instance, you need to check the relative humidity levels of your house, the temperature, and the size of the house or the room you want to dehumidify. 

Additionally, you need to check the capacity and the type of dehumidifier you are going to use. 

Relative Humidity Levels: The ideal relative humidity level of your house ranges between 30% to 50%. You can also use a hygrometer to check the relative humidity levels. If the humidity is higher than 50%, you need to set the dehumidifier to a low humidity level, like 40% or 45%. 

However, if the humidity level of your house is below 30%, you need to set the dehumidifier to a higher humidity level, like 50% or 55%.

Temperature: The temperature of the room of your home can also affect the ideal dehumidification settings. If the room is colder, you need to set the dehumidifier to high humidity levels. 

Conversely, if the room is hot or warm, you need to set the dehumidifier to a low humidity level. 

Room Size: If you have a large room to dehumidify, you will need to set the dehumidifier to a high capacity to remove the moisture from the air.

Dehumidifier Type and Capacity: A large dehumidifier will be more effective in removing moisture than a small dehumidifier. Moreover, you should choose between a refrigerant and a desiccant-based dehumidifier.


In short, you should place the dehumidifier where the most humidity is present. In a 2 story house, the ideal place to put a dehumidifier is upstairs. 

One thing to keep in mind while placing a dehumidifier is that it should have proper ventilation. Moreover, it is ideal to place it in the center location of your house, if not upstairs. Hopefully, you will find out approach in this post helpful.

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