7 Best Knife Under $100 2024 [Best in Market]

If you’re like me, your kitchen drawer is probably filled with knives. But, if you are like most people and buy your knives individually instead of buying a set, it can be quite costly to keep them sharpened and ready to use.

A quality knife set is an essential tool for any kitchen and should be considered a wise investment over time.

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Best Knife Under $100

So below, we have listed the top 7 best Knife Under $100 that you can buy. Moreover, we have a buying guide on the most affordable knife set.

  • Chicago Cutlery Essentials Knife Set
  • Chicago Cutlery Insignia Knife Set
  • Henckels Premium Quality Statement Knife Set
  • Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Forged Knife Set
  • Cangshan S1 Series German Steel Forged Knife
  • Cuisinart C77WTR-15P Forged Triple Rivet Knife Set
  • Henckels Definition 12-PC Knife Block Set

1. Chicago Cutlery Essentials Knife Set

image 22

This Chicago Cutlery Essentials stainless steel kitchen knife set includes paring and utility knives, a bread knife, a steak knife, and shears for the precision cutting of a variety of foods.

Stainless steel is used in the construction of the set, which basically means it also doesn’t rust. The curved handle design is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit your hand.


  • Exclusive 25-degree taper grind
  • Full metal tang
  • Decent balance and control
  • Easy to cleaning


  • Steel quality is not the best

2. Chicago Cutlery Insignia Knife Set

image 23

Chicago Cutlery Insignia knife set with block offers you the best value for your money – built to last. The Chicago cutlery knife set features sleek, stainless steel construction with satin nickel accents.

This beautifully designed knife set is perfect for any occasion. The knives are of excellent quality, expertly forged, and razor sharp.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • High carbon stainless steel
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Great strength, balance, and control


  • Slightly expensive

3. Henckels Premium Quality Statement Knife Set

image 24

The HENCKELS Premium Quality Statement Knife Set is a perfect addition to your home or kitchen. This stainless steel set features the traditional three-bladed German-engineered knives with a razor-sharp blade.

The set is made of high-carbon stainless steel. These knives look stylish and feel great in hand.


  • Ultra-sharp blades
  • Effortless cutting
  • Quick clean up
  • Satin-finished blades


  • The knife block design is poor

4. Ginsu Gourmet Chikara Series Forged Knife Set

image 25

The Ginsu Chikara Series Forged knives set is one of the most versatile and durable options on the market today.

This Ginsu Gourmet Series Forged 5-Piece Japanese Steel Knife Set contains 4 stainless steel knives and 1 finished hardwood knife block that’s perfect for every kitchen.


  • Razor sharp
  • Expertly balanced
  • Premium Japanese stainless steel
  • Toffee finished block


  • Cheap quality material

5. Cangshan S1 Series German Steel Forged Knife

image 26

The Cangshan S1 series German steel forged knife is highly durable and comes with high-quality steel forged blocks to keep your knives in tip-top shape.

The set contains three deluxe German steel forged knives that are durable and long-lasting, eliminating the need to replace them regularly.


  • Ergonomic handles for easy grip
  • Solid walnut wood block
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent durability


  • Some users have reported that the knives are rusting

6. Cuisinart C77WTR-15P Forged Triple Rivet Knife Set

image 27

The C77WTR-15P Classic Forged Knife Set with Block is the perfect companion for any chef or home cook.

The ergonomic handle is made from high-carbon stainless steel that features a durable diamond pattern so it can stay cool in the kitchen with heat. The triple rivet blade design has superior strength and resistance to corrosion.


  • Superior performance
  • Carbon stainless steel blades
  • Extra wide bolster for perfect stability
  • Lifetime warranty


  • It catches rusting.

7.Henckels Definition 12-PC Knife Block Set

image 28

This 12-pc set is perfect for the aspiring chef or anyone who enjoys cooking. Its design options, stunning cherry wood accents, and matching presentation box make it a lovely present to yourself or someone you love.

The set of knives is high-quality stainless steel with a wooden handle and blade that gives the kitchen professional results. This knife set is a great investment for any home cook, giving them everything they need for their cooking adventures.


  • Single piece stamped blades
  • Fine edge cutting
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • Lightweight


  • Average build quality

Affordable Knife Set Buying Guide


The first thing to consider when buying a knife set is the material. The most common materials are stainless steel and carbon steel, but there are also other options available.

The best material for your knife set will depend on what you’re going to use it for and how long you want to use it.

If you plan on using your knives frequently, then stainless steel is the way to go because it won’t corrode or rust over time as carbon steel does. If you want something that’s easy to clean, then carbon steel is perfect because it can be polished off easily with a cloth or an abrasive pad.


When you’re shopping for a knife set, it’s important to consider the weight of each knife. Sure, it’s nice to have a heavy knife that can cut through your meat without effort.

But if you’re going to use your knives frequently, you want them to be lightweight to make your life easier.


The grip is the most important aspect of a knife set. The grip should be large enough to fit your hands and also provide good control over the blade.

You can also choose between wooden, plastic, and metal grips. Wooden grips are more expensive, but they are also more durable than plastic or metal ones.


When you’re buying a knife set, you want to be sure that the knives are sharp. You should also look for a set with a variety of blade shapes, such as serrated and straight. The more knives in your set, the better.


Make sure to get a knife set that is easy to clean. Depending upon the material and the blade shape, it can be tough or easy to clean a knife. If you get a knife set that is dishwasher safe, then there is nothing better than that.


So, there is everything you need to know about the Best Knife Under $100. I hope this list of the top 7 best Knives will help you to buy a good knife set for your kitchen. The buying guide will help you to make an informed decision while choosing the best knife set.

Knives from the Chicago Cutlery and Cuisinart are the best as they are much more reliable and offers smooth cutting of fruits, vegetable, and other ingredients.

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