Ascent Nutrition and Protein Review

Finding a protein supplement from many protein and supplement brands is a tough task. We recently stumbled upon the Ascent protein supplement, which claims to be genuine and authentic. The brand talks about keeping the protein and supplements real and natural and organic ingredients.

Ascent is a brand that puts purity and transparency as a priority, which feels like honesty. However, we wanted to dig down and find out whether or need the Ascent supplement and protein products are genuine or not. Here is what we found out!

Is Ascent Nutrition Products Worth the Investment?

Ascent Nutrition products offer a blend of quality derived from natural and sustainable ingredients. Their attention to detail, from sourcing to formulation, ensures users receive a product that prioritizes health and wellness.

While individual needs and results may vary, the brand’s commitment to purity and effectiveness makes it a worthy consideration for those seeking top-tier nutritional supplements. It’s an investment in well-researched, quality nutrition.

1. Algae Oil DHA

We have been looking into Ascent Nutrition’s Algae Oil DHA, and it’s something. The brand uses a special kind of algae. And here’s the cool part: they have this unique way of getting the good stuff out using just water.

What do we get? Possibly the purest DHA out there. In simple terms, it’s like getting 2.5 times the benefits you’d get from regular fish oil.

Super Benefits: Beyond just the DHA, this oil is packed with 24 other good-for-you things (fatty acids) that help both our brains and bodies. Think of it as a health-boosting supplement – everything from making sure our brains work great and our heart stays healthy and even helping kids’ brains grow strong.

Sharpen the Brain: Experts often call DHA one of the best brain foods. Why? Well, research says it helps produce some amazing stuff like BDNF and NGF, which some experts call the “brain fertilizer.” Plus, there’s this thing called Synaptamide that’s great for our brain cells.

The Magic of DHA: Digging deep, DHA is like the unsung hero in our bodies. It helps set our body clocks, plays around with our brain genes, and even helps us see things by working in our eyes.

How to Consume Algae Oil DHA?

The recommendation is to take between 1000-2000 mg of this Algae Oil DHA daily. And guess what? Even our pets can have some! There are specific doses for cats and dogs based on how big or small they are.

In the end, after diving into this Ascent Nutrition and Protein review, it seems like their Algae Oil DHA is a real deal-breaker. It’s not just another bottle on the shelf, but something that’s key to our well-being.

2. Ascent Coffee

Next up on our Ascent Nutrition and Protein review is Ascent Coffee. The Ascent Coffee is made from green coffee beans, grown without any pesticides.

What impressed us even more was the certification confirming that these beans are mold and mycotoxin-free. With every sip of Ascent Coffee, we felt a connection to its pure origins.


Ascent Coffee comprises Organic Coffee Beans. Whether you opt for the Organic Ground Coffee or the beans, you will get a great taste from the Ascent Coffee.

Suggested Use:

You can consume 1-2 cups of Ascent Coffee per day, which is a sweet spot for the most. Moreover, you can adjust the dosage depending on your needs.

3. Pine Needle Extract

Another unique offering by the brand on our Ascent Nutrition and Protein review is the Pine Needle Extract. The Pine Needle Extract is sourced from the Eastern White Pine tree (Pinus strobus).

What stood out for us was the meticulous and sustainable harvesting method. Each needle is hand-harvested, ensuring not just quality but also a deep respect for the forest and land.

Key Components:

The Ascent Pine Needle Extract is harvested from the pine needles, and it comes packed with some aromatic essential oils and a vital dose of vitamin C.

But the standout component is the natural acid. Additionally, the use of organic vegetable glycerin in the extract formulation further emphasizes purity.

Health Benefits of Pine Needle Extract:

There are plenty of benefits associated with this extract, which is truly impressive:

Respiratory Support: The extract is known to promote healthy respiratory function, making it an essential choice for those prioritizing lung health.

Immunity Boost: In these tough times, a strong immune system is invaluable. This extract supports a robust immune response.

Neurological Support: The naturally occurring shikimic acid plays an important role in supporting the body sheath, ensuring smooth electrical communication across the brain and nervous system.

Detoxification: In a world of toxins, the extract supports a healthy detoxification process, acting as a purifying agent for the body.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What sets Ascent Nutrition products apart from other brands?

Ascent Nutrition prioritizes health and wellness by focusing on natural and sustainable ingredients.

Do Ascent Nutrition products cater to specific health and wellness needs?

Yes, Ascent Nutrition’s range is designed to prioritize health and wellness, ensuring that users receive products that are both pure and effective, catering to a wide range of nutritional needs.

Is it worth investing in Ascent Nutrition, given the variety of nutritional supplements in the market?

While individual needs and results may vary, Ascent Nutrition’s dedication to well-researched and quality nutrition makes it a top-tier choice for those seeking premium nutritional supplements.

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