5 Best Humidifier For 1000 Square Feet [Latest]

In recent times, there has been a huge decline in air quality. It turns out that breathing clean air is pretty important. When you breathe clean and humidified air, your body works better. In recent years, the benefits of air Humidifiers have been more public than ever before.

Humidifiers are a great way to add more comfort to your home. Whether you live in a dry area or just get dried up by the air conditioning sometimes- it can really help to have one at home.

If you are on the hunt for a humidifier that can humidify large spaces for a long time without breaking your bank, then this buyer’s guide will help you to make the right decision. Below, we have listed the top 5 best humidifiers for 1000 square, have a look.

1.Vornado Evap40


The Vornado Evap40 comes with soft airflow technology that helps to raise humidity for better breathing comfort by hugging the surface of your skin. It also has a large water reservoir of 4 gallons, making it ideal for use in large rooms with low humidity or small rooms when in Turbo mode.

The Evap40 features ionic technology to clean the air indoors by removing impurities and allergens from the air. It’s perfect for adding moisture to your space during or after periods of dry weather or for helping you to breathe easier and sleep better.

The Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier helps replenish moisture in the air for a more comfortable breathing experience. It can protect you from flu, allergies and asthma symptoms, watery eyes, dry skin, static electricity, and much more.

This humidifier destroys the bad odors with a 360-degree MistDefender deflector that prevents moisture from dripping onto surfaces or furniture below. Overall, it is one of the cheapest and best humidifiers that instantly relieve dry and stuffy air.


  • Build: Plastic and Metal
  • Coverage Area: 1,000 Sqft
  • Tank capacity 4 Gallons
  • Fan Speed: 750 to 1600 RPM
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Easy to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Less or no maintenance required


  • Water evaporated pretty fast

2. Honeywell Moisture Console Humidifier

image 1

Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Humidifier keeps the moisture level in your home just right. This compact humidifier fits on top of most heating or cooling systems and helps to ease dried-out sinuses. It features a quiet operation with a low-water indicator, so you’ll know when it’s time to fill up.

Featuring a quiet, ultrasonic vapor output with PureGuard filtration and Auto Shut-off, this unit is perfect for spaces up to 800-1000 square feet. With three comfort settings and a programmable 24-hour timer, you can enjoy clean and comfortable air all night.

This humidifier provides 3 gallons per day and features a programmable digital humidistat that automatically shuts the humidifier off when the desired humidity level is reached. The four moisture-output settings include low, medium, high, and pulse, while the option to turn on or off the indicator light adds convenience.

The best part about the Honeywell console humidifier is that it comes with a powerful 30-hour tank refill, plus an upfront fill level indicator that helps remind you when it’s time to refill.


  • Build: Plastic and Metal
  • Coverage Area: 1,000 Sqft
  • Tank capacity 3 Gallons
  • Auto Shut off feature
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Highly durable
  • Dual tank to keep up the working


  • Noisy
  • Filter replacement required

3. Venta LW45

image 2

Now, you don’t have to worry about the air in your home with the Venta LW45 Humidifier. This humidifier features automatic operation, three humidity settings, night light operation, and an auto shut-off timer.

The Venta LW45 humidifier is very lightweight as well as energy-efficient, and incredibly quiet, so it won’t disturb you while you’re sleeping at night. This nebulizer humidifier efficiently humidifies rooms up to 600-1000 square feet.

Moreover, it features 3 adjustable output levels, a 360-degree rotating nozzle, and quiet operation. The Venta LW45 humidifier has a removable 1.4-gallon transparent water tank with a convenient fill line indicator so that you don’t overwater.

The Venta LW45 Humidifier is energy efficient with an advanced nebulizer technology that disperses dry air through a micro-fine mist. With a built-in electronic humidistat mounted on top of the unit, it controls the exact humidity level in your home.


  • Build: Plastic
  • Coverage Area: 600-1000 Sqft
  • Standard LED display
  • Harmful pollutants remover
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Quiet operation
  • Smart design
  • Adaptive cleaning
  • Inbuilt water softener


  • The air cleaner is ineffective
  • Small tank

4.Aprilaire – 500MZ 500M Whole Home Humidifier

image 3

The Aprilaire whole-home humidifier is the best humidifier which humidifies up to 3,000 square feet area. It is a manual whole-home humidifier with a compact design that fits right into the space. The compact design fits easily into tight spaces, provides large capacity, easy maintenance, and reliability to help ensure that you don’t overpay for quality.

This whole-home humidifier attaches directly to your water supply and features a maintenance-free evaporative system that requires little or no maintenance. The Aprilaire 500MZ is designed for year-round use and long-term comfort, unlike many whole-house humidifiers.

This humidifier monitors itself and constantly adjusts the fan speed to maintain your desired humidity level. Further, it is easy to install and is ideal for residential use. It is specifically designed for large homes. It best works in 2000 to 3000 square feet.

Aprilaire humidifiers are the quietest, most reliable, and best-in-class, and this one doesn’t lag too far behind from other models. When it comes to maintenance and installation, it is simple with all required materials included in the box and the easy-to-follow instructions. And when it’s time for service or maintenance, expertly trained technicians will be there to help.


  • Build: Plastic
  • Coverage Area: 1000-3000 sqft
  • Tank capacity: 12 gallons 
  • Automatic controlled
  • Dual monitor sensor


  • Efficient for high comfort
  • Highly accurate
  • Best bang for the buck
  • Suitable for large homes and offices


  • Installation requires an expert

5. AIRCARE MA Whole-House Humidifier

image 4

This console-style whole-house humidifier is designed to be stationary and adds moisture to an entire home in a decorative, attractive unit. The humidifier is shaped for comfort and convenience that helps keep your environment comfortable all year long.

Further, its grille less design provides clean, uninterrupted humidification, and the console features a room thermometer, timer control, and adjustable humidity control. This humidifier is built to last with its durable polyester covering, corrosion-free polypropylene base.

The AirCare MA Console Humidifier is a whole-house evaporative humidifier that will add moisture to your home’s air at a rate of up to 3.6 gallons per day. Further, the variable humidistat allows you to adjust the output level to meet the needs of your space, and the 360-degree nozzle is great for easy adjustments. 

Overall, it is a great humidifier for 1000 square, with many premium features. It is ideal for large homes and comfort applications where high humidity is needed.


  • Build: Plastic
  • Coverage Area: 1500-3600 sqft
  • Tank capacity: 3.6 gallons 
  • Automatically maintains the desired humidity
  • Evaporative Wick traps mineral deposits
  • 4 fan speed with auto mode


  • Refill indicator
  • ETL approved
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy cleaning


  • It required maintenance pretty often
  • Tank capacity could have been larger
  • A little noisy

Buying Guide

A humidifier is a home appliance that manages moisture or humidity. It comes in many shapes and sizes. The units range from small room portable models to large central units that can humidify an entire house. Below, we have listed many types of humidifiers, their unique features, and which one you should pick.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers are some of the most popular models on the market, and for a good reason – they’re incredibly efficient at adding moisture to the air. These humidifiers have high-frequency waves to create a fine mist, evaporating into the air.

These humidifiers are suitable for people with allergies or asthma, as they can help remove pollutants from the air. Ultrasonic humidifiers also come with a built-in filter that can help prevent mold and bacteria growth.

What’s not so good about Ultrasonic Humidifiers?

The downside to ultrasonic humidifiers is that they can be a bit noisy. If you’re looking for a quiet model, you may want to consider a different type of humidifier.

Evaporative Humidifiers

Evaporative humidifiers work by drawing in water from a reservoir and then blowing it out into the air. This type of humidifier effectively adds moisture to the air and is a good choice for people with allergies or asthma. Evaporative humidifiers also come with a filter that can help prevent mold and bacteria growth.

What’s not so good about Evaporative Humidifiers?

The downside to evaporative humidifiers is that they can be messy – the water often leaves droplets on nearby surfaces. They can also be noisy, so this may not be the best option if you’re looking for a quiet model.

Steam Vapor Humidifiers

Steam vapor humidifiers are another popular choice among consumers. This type of humidifier works similarly to an evaporative humidifier – it draws in water from a reservoir and blows it out into the air, except it doesn’t use a filter. This can be a downside, as the humidifier is more likely to produce bacteria and mold.

What’s not so good about Stream Vapor Humidifiers?

Steam vapor humidifiers are also noisy, so this may not be the best option if you’re looking for a quiet model. But these models are the most effective types of humidifiers at adding moisture to the air.

Warm Mist Humidifiers

Some people prefer warm mist humidifiers to cool mist models, believing the warm air will be more comfortable in cold rooms.

What’s not so good about Warm Mist Humidifiers?

Depending on the model, these humidifiers can pose a risk for burns if touched while hot. Warm mist humidifiers also require more energy than cool mist humidifiers, so they may not be the best choice for people looking to save money on their energy bills.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

As the name suggests, cool mist humidifiers add moisture to the air by emitting a cool mist. These humidifiers are ideal for people with allergies or asthma, as it doesn’t pose a risk for mold or bacteria growth like some warm mist humidifiers. Cool mist humidifiers are also great at adding moisture to the air.

What’s not so good about Cool Mist Humidifiers?

These humidifiers are much more expensive than other types of humidifiers.

Ultrasonic vs. Evaporative vs. Steam Vapor vs. Warm Mist Humidifiers

If you require an efficient model that can help reduce allergens in the air, an ultrasonic humidifier may be a good choice.

If you need an affordable option, an evaporative humidifier may be a good choice.

Further, if you’re looking for a very effective humidifier that also produces a lot of heat, a warm mist humidifier may be the best option.

And if you’re looking for a quiet model, an evaporative or ultrasonic humidifier may be a good choice.

It doesn’t matter which model you choose, you have to make sure that you keep it clean and replace the filter when needed in order to maximize the benefits and avoid any issues. 


Before making your final decision, consider how you’d like to use the humidifier. If you don’t have money issues, then choose an ultrasonic model. While they are generally more expensive than their cool mist cousins, these innovative units are safer and easier to clean, saving you time and effort.

Further, if your preference is a warm mist machine because you’re not a fan of cool air, save up for one that uses distilled water if possible. It does matter in the end and can save you from a lot of trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What size humidifier do I need per square foot?

To determine what humidifier model you will need or how many square feet are served by a single humidifier, you need to use math. The easiest way to do this is to find out how many gallons the unit will hold and multiply that by the square footage of your room.

You must get this figured out before purchasing a new humidifier because there are so many different sizes available. In some cases, you can find personal-sized humidifiers to use while you sleep at night, as well as full-sized ones that can be used in a large room or even a whole house.

2.What size humidifier do I need for 800 square feet?

A humidifier that can keep your 800 square feet space moisturized should have the capacity to output around 500ml of moisture every hour. In short, you need is a humidifier that outputs at least 12 gallons of moisture per day.

3.Can a humidifier be too big for a room?

In general, the size of the room and the number of occupants should be taken into account when determining whether a humidifier is too big or not.

Most humidifiers are also equipped with an automatic shut-off to not work overtime. If the humidifier is oversized for the room, the occupants will likely notice the air’s excess for moistened room and will shut down automatically.

4.What is the best room to put a humidifier in?

You should place the humidifier in a room with the highest moisture in your home. Using a humidifier will raise the moisture levels in that room and probably other rooms due to air circulation. The ideal location for your humidifier will be one of the driest areas of your home.

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